Barbara Walters and I are both at home now…but what eaactly does that mean? Do you really think Babs has announced that since Friday was her last day, she’s going to go home and just sit on her ass this week going forward? For some reason, I highly doubt it.  I have kept quiet the past 6 weeks because I chose to. I was having so much of a good time in the hospital – I really hope you catch my scaecasm. I was in there for my 4th round of consolidation chemo (that’s 6 totals rounds of chemo, if you’re really keeping track.) I spent Mothers’ Day in the hospital and was able to come home last Monday evening. Just in this past week’s time, lots has gone on. I do know one thing that Babs and I have in common is that we aren’t going to just go home and sit on our butts and twiddle our thumbs.


Mothers Day 2014


Mothers Day 2014 in Summerlin Hospital

After being gone from your home, family, kids and dogs for close to 6 weeks, it is VERY hard to get back into their routine. Let’s face it, they have their own thing going on and I”m the afterthought kind of when I come back home from the hospital. Its not their fault, that is just what just naturally happens. It is also harder to get back into any sort of routine when you feel weak, tired and have no energy. This is not a post to make anyone feel bad, its more of an eye-opener for anyone not realizing some of the ins and outs that I (and my family) go through. I want to make my fellow cancer friends realize they are not alone. And believe me, this isn’t the only one.

It is exciting to be home and very hard to take it easy. Its the hardest thing to do in the world, probably even more so when you have kids. It is also one of the most important things to do. The last thing I want to do right now is push myself and end up back in the hopital – which has happened to me and I know to many others too many times. I will say right now the food is WAY better at home than at the hospital….well except when my friend Jackie brings me yummy food to the hospital and that’s a whole different story. (I can’t imagine what she has done with herself for this past week because I feel like she made that her job for this last time I was in the hospital.)

There seems to be so much to do, errands to run and school events to attend. The school events are only multiplying because we are coming up on the end of the year. But I’m trying very hard to pace myself. A trip to Target is planned around a nap, parking as close to the entrance as possible and grabbing a kid car cart so that I can get pushed around the store when I get tired. I know it may seem silly to you, but don’t take those Target trips for granted. I can barely walk through the store and get everything on this list. I get incredibly tired.

I was able to make it to my daughter’s classroom last week (thank you Hailey for driving us to school and back) for the Tie Fashion Show for their 1st grade class. It brings me such joy being able to be there.

Tie Fashion Show 2014




I’ve literally been in treatment this whole school year and who knows what is to come. I like to take a day at a time. If the doctors can tell me exactly what to expect, then that certainly gives me a lot of confidence. The problem is that they rarely seen to agree. I’ve listened to learn more from my own body, my loved ones and my consistant, passionate nurses. We are the ones that are in throes of fighting this terrible disease that I wish never existed.

I hope Babs has been eating and paying attention to her weight. That is one of my many jobs. Eat and gain weight. Its quite the opposite of what my life was before leukemia. I tried to eat as least as possible in hopes of of losing that last 5-10 lbs. Now I eat all I can to bring up my mere 105 lbs to a respectable number.