Being in a hospital is just weird, most men usually aren’t even in here (they don’t go to the doctor! They never get sick!) and women come here to have babies. (At least that’s all I associate hospitals with.) You do lose all sense of modesty and the nurses are used to it. It seems more awkward if you seem weird so I feel like its just easier to go with the flow. I got my first full on sponge bath (sorry Sponge Bob Square Pants – it didn’t involve you.) And I was suddenly placed on bed rest. Guess what that means – BED PAN!! Because there was bleeding on my brain, doctors wanted to me reduce how much I was moving around.

Now the bed pan. I always got the general concept of it, but it is literally a pan you lay under your butt and you pee in it, in your bed, with the nurse right there. Am I worried…am I getting in the pan? Am I peeing all over my bed? I mean this could get embarrassing. I’ll just say I became a pro at it but was also proud when I got to graduate to the “big girl potty”.

The Bed Pan

The Bed Pan

Now that my only job is to take medicine and follow doctors and nurses orders (who have all been fabulous by the way) my big tasks for today are: to get an actual REAL shower and a take “big” walk around the nurses area. Now, from going to being a personal trainer to making a walk “around the nurse block” seems silly but that is how broken down my body has become. I better get my sweatband and water bottle to make sure I can get back to my room. On a side note, on my walk, I found an American Cancer Society magazine that features all of the cool hats, scarves and wigs that I can don once my hair falls out. Ironically that part isn’t freaking me out yet.

Because I am on continual chemo, antibiotics, plateletes or red blood cells, I am hooked up to a pump that attaches through a port-a-cath in my right chest. So “Mr. Buddy Braun” goes with me EVERYWHERE. He stands 6-ft. tall and is like my protector. Except it can get daunting taking him with me to the bathroom, walks, or even to get something on the other side of the room.

Buddy Braun

At least the hospital staff knows I’m not escaping here any time fast – Buddy Braun would be the weak link.

The last thing you need to know if you are going to come visit me. You’ll get to look like a dork. Because my immune system is so low, you don’t want to get me sick. All visitors get to wear masks and gloves and sometimes even gowns. Dave got away without a gown last night but he needs bigger gloves.

Visitor's Wear

So as you can see, this is certainly a learning curve – having AML, living in a hospital, creating a new blog, so I am embarking on a journey of many new experiences. I would appreciate all of your support and advice and any comments you make on my blog help me out as well. As I said, I’m a newbie to blogging and WordPress, so if there are any experts out there, I would love to pick your brain. THANK YOU FOR READING!