You know you’ve been in the hospital for an extended period of time when Ellen is the highlight of your day.  I may not agree with all of her political beliefs but she cracks me up.

Once again, first time in a few days that I have felt like grabbing this computer. Its one side effect after another – which is all to be expected. First I had stomach issues. That has been resolved. Of course I had to get an ultrasound and CT scan just for the tests to not really show anything. Then yesterday I was receiving a unit of platelets (a daily occurance for me) and as soon the transfusion was over, I got incredibly cold and I was shaking violently. My teeth were chattering and I even bit my tongue. This syndrome is called “rigors”.  It occurs if you happen to have some type of reaction to the transfusion. The platelets I was receiving were A- platelets (we call that type-specific because that is my blood type.) Rigors can just happen for some reason. It lasted for about 10-15 minutes and demerol is a medication that stops the shaking. As soon as they put the medicine in my port, I stopped shaking immediately. It was a very weird experience.

As you know, I’ve mentioned more than once being able to go home for a week after my numbers were high enough. Well, that isn’t happening any time soon. Don’t worry! I’m okay with that! I won’t go into the specific details of it all because it gets quite confusing and boring. But the bottom line is, my doctor feels its best that she hits me with another round of chemo. This chemo will be a bit different cocktail of medications than my first round. (There are many dfferent types of chemo.) My oncologist, Dr. Wareman is up-to-date on the most cutting edge leukemia treatment so I trust her completely in her decisions.

So, the moral of the story is, when you have leukemia (or any type of cancer for that matter) you can’t always predict what its going to do. You just have to go with the flow. Its like having a baby – they don’t always come out when you want them to.



Just a quick update! My platelets finally arrived. It is now 9:30 pm. I mentioned earlier today that I was supposed to get them this morning. Because I need a certain type of platelet, Red Cross actually flew them here to Las Vegas from Arizona. So…they are here and I am currently getting the transfusion. This just exemplifies the need for people to donate blood and platelets if they are able to.

It takes about an hour for the transfusion. You know what that means! I have a one hour date with Buddy Braun.

Buddy Braun 2


I also came across this great visual aid of explaining exactly what AML is and how it effects the body. I thought some of you mind find it interesting.

Visual of AML

And last but not least, I finished my ios 7 update for my iPhone! I think it will be worth it! I just need to get used to the new look and few new features. Now how’s all that for my 7th day in the hospital?!


JUST heard on the news that tonight is a full moon. I guess that explains a lot. You’re probably thinking that I was crazy thinking that everyday was just going to be a piece a cake and full of humor and funny things that happen here at the hospital. Not so. I had a breakdown last night. I can’t pinpoint what caused it. I finally finished my first round of chemo so I should happy but I just felt trapped, sad and helpless. I know I am supposed to just sit here or lay here and rest and get better but that is easier said than done. Especially when you know you have all of these people around you doing everything else for you that you are used to doing yourself.

I woke up this morning to my finished chemo round, yay! But it really kicked me in the butt. I had a fever and almost passed out in the shower. Toss that modesty out the window! You don’t care who sees what when there is just black in front of your eyes. I finally came out of it but that certainly wiped me out for the majority of the morning. I slept more than I have slept in quite awhile here. The reasoning is that the effects of chemotherapy is cumulative, so now that I finally reached my last and final day, it really did me in.

I have felt better as the day has gone on. My fever did go away, which is good because fever can indicate an infection and that is the LAST thing that I need. That’s why everyone gets to wear the super cool gloves and mask when they come in my room.

You remember Dave's cool outfit

You remember Dave’s cool outfit

The best thing of the day so far so that I am not hooked up to Buddy Braun today! My chemo is done and I am still waiting for my platelets to come from the Red Cross so there is no reason for me to be hooked up! I feel free! I went for 2 lap walk around the hospital just because I didn’t have to push him! I feel like I’m cheating on him. Ha.

On the note of platelets…We always think about donating blood but rarely do you hear of people donating platelets. It doesn’t hurt and (from what I’ve been told) it only takes a bit longer than donating blood. There is a special type of platelets that I need and I have been waiting since 8 am this morning. Guess what?  They still aren’t available and its 4:45 pm. So if you have the time, consider donating platelets. There are countless people that can benefit from your donation.