Well, my hospital room WAS full of Christmas cheer (no, I’m not going to get all “politcally correct” on you and call it Holiday cheer) but its time to take the decorations down!

My in-laws, Mike and Lynn were here earlier to help me pack it all up because I am headed HOME from Camp Summerlin to enjoy Christmas with my husband, kiddos and bulldogs (and a Mastiff)! It’ll be nice. I still have shopping to do, cookies to bake, etc. but it will feel great to get back into the routine of things. There are ALWAYS things that need to be done before Christmas – just like every other normal person. And if you are one of those “abnormal” people who have EVERYTHING done and its only the middle of December, then I really don’t want to talk to you! hahaha

In my defense, before I got admitted back in the hospital on Dec, 2, my awesome husband was great about getting all of the outdoor lights up (including the white reindeer lit up with white lights, the blow-up M & M and the light up Snoopy . He also got the Christmas tree up inside (yes, we use a fake tree every year) and the whole family helped decorate with the lights and ornaments. The stockings are hung over the fireplace. (I’ll grace you with all of these pics when I get home later today.)

I love this time of year because it just feels warm and cozy to me. I love the smell of Christmas, the festive Christmas lights and the corny Christmas music that seems to run on a neverending loop wheverever you are. Once we started having a family of our own, Dave and I worked really hard to try and keep certain traditions alive that we do every year at our house. We have implementent the ever-so-popular Elf on the Shelf. (Roger is the name of our Elf – and he’s quite devlish and creative at my house.) We go and visit Opportunity Villages’ The Magical Forest  and spend an arm and a leg there (its not cheap!) (This year they asked for my first born child as well, and that’s where I had to draw the line.)  At  least we know the money goes towards a great cause here in our town. And last, but not least, we go to Town Square so that Ava and Grady we can visit Santa and Mrs. Claus and tell them all of the things they would like for Christmas. The setup at Town Square is great because it is designed as a Normal Rockwell Christmas.  You actually go inside Santa’s little house. We’ve always gotten good pictures from them and some classic ones as well! (Such as Grady laying across my lap screaming because he wants to have nothing to do with Santa.)

My numbers (meaning my White Blood Cells, Red Blood Cells and Platelets) are all looking up and I’m feeling pretty darn good. I haven’t gotten full discharge directions yet, but I believe I will be visiting my oncologist’s office a few times a week for them to draw blood, monitor my blood counts, decide if I need transfusions of red blood cells or platelets and to schedule my next round of chemo which I imagine will be in the beginning of January sometime.

I am just happy and content to continue these traditions –  Leukemia hasn’t gotten in the way this time around!

As Johnny Mathis says, “I’ll be home for Christmas…”

P.S. WordPress has decided it doesn’t want to be fully functional today so I can’t upload any pictures into my post. As soon as the bugs get worked out, I will post pictures.



A neighbor gave me an easy-reading fiction book called A Tiny Bit Marvellous by Dawn French. We could all use a bit of “marvellous-ness” in our lives, right? Its a British comedy about any normal family that has an impossible teenage daughter and a gay teenage son. I am sure we can all relate in one way or another. It has made me grin because the mother in the family goes on multiple tirades regarding normal family catastrophes and worries – such as birthday parties when her kids were little. (Yes, it starts even before Kindergarten and it gets competitive.) Which mom can throw the best birthday party? Who has the best entertainment? Who found the PERFECT party favors? (You know there’s always that one mom that hits the nail on the head year after year.) That’s when all of us regular moms throw in the towel.

The funny thing is that 6 months ago, planning a birthday party for Ava was a huge daunting task for me – and I tried to make it as simple as possible for myself. (The kids all went swimming at LifeTime and a dear friend Malene did the gift bags for me. All I did was show up.) The doctors can’t say how long I had leukemia before I was diagnosed, but I probably had it back in May (which is when Ava’s birthday is.) That’s where all my energy was going. The good part? I feel like I could plan a birthday party right now. I have a lot more energy and stamina. Maybe Grady’s party can reap the benefits of how good I feel these days! Oh wait, his birthday is 2 days before Christmas. He almost always gets screwed out of a birthday party because its so close to the holidays. #MomFail – I shouldn’t have had him so close to Christmas.

My mom left Monday morning back to her regular life in Florida. (Back to The Villages – a huge master-planned retirement community, a Disneyland for adults. Just ask her and she will tell you ALL about it.) So, for two days now, I’ve been back on kid-duty. You don’t know how good it feels to know you can operate in your normal life after you’ve been in the hospital for 2 months. You get very insulated (and possible bed sores) when you are laying in a bed all day for that long.  But, we’ve made it to school 2 mornings in a row and they weren’t left at school yesterday afternoon. (This afternoon is still up for grabs.) In all seriousness, it may not seem like a big accomplishment, but in my life right now, it is.

I head to the doctor later this week for blood work and to schedule my next round of chemo – which will put me back in the hospital. As of now, doctors plan on giving me 4 rounds of maintenance chemo. The maintenance chemo lasts for 5 days and I should be able to come home inbetween treatments as long as there are no complications or fevers.

Well, I am off to clean bathrooms and do laundry – more parts of everyday life. It may seem boring, but to me, its MARVELLOUS that I can do these things! Oh and if you have ideas for a 4-year-old birthday party, let me know. I just realized it is about a month away…poor kid! I’ll get it right one of these years!