Nurse Appreciation Photo

I just had to show Sam, one of my favorite day-time nurses, this picture. I mean thank you FaceBook, how could we be witty without you?! Sam did crack up and accepted my appreciation of her.

On a great note, I got some promising test results back last night. My FLT3 test came back negative! When a patient has AML, they take a blood test that is called FLT3 Test. A FLT3 mutation is a genetic mutation that may be screened during genetic testing, when diagnosed with AML. The FLT3 gene has demonstrated ability to predict a patient’s likelihood to benefit from therapy as well as their risk of experiencing a disease recurrence. This means regular chemo should give me a VERY good chance of going into remission and I have a much smaller chance of recurrence. This is FABULOUS news.

In more seductive news, the nursing staff has noticed that Buddy Braun and I have been taking more walks around the hospital floor. I hope Dave doesn’t get wind of our moonlighting! (Just kidding, most evenings Dave joins me on my night walk.) As bored as I get in this room each day, I’m still never alone.

Buddy Braun