My mom decided to come visit and checkout my new house just after school started. It was when she realized that things just weren’t right. I spent the first 2 days that she was here with me on the couch throwing up, diarrhea, no energy or appetite. I almost passed out walking Ava to school and that is when my mom insisted that we go to Quick Care. They gave me a liter of fluids and sent me on my way – saying I was deydrated. It helped but not much.

The next morning my mom insisted we go to the hospital, I still wasn’t feeling much better. That was Wed, Sept 4. I haven’t left the hospital since then. I spent the next few days going through a badgery of tests. Anything you can think of: x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, continual blood draws. The blood draws confirmed that I had extremely low white blood cell count and low platelets. (For example, a normal adult should have at least a WBC count of 1000, mine was at 300.) I didn’t sleep for 2 days straight. The bone marrow test (test from HELL) is what confirmed it all – I have Leukemia.

WHAT? LEUKEMIA?  I’m only 31 years ago with and 6 and 3 year old.

I haven’t been home since that Wednesday. I will get on my high horse for one minute: be thankful for all that you have in your life, for your loved ones, make sure they know you care because you never know when there’s a day you won’t just be able to go home. I WILL survive – AML is completely treatable but your life can still just change in a heartbeat. Okay enough of that…

I have my husband and my mom living in my house to take care of the kids and keep the kids lives as normal as possible. I FaceTime with them every night and I miss loving squeezing their little bodies. They are hilarious in their bickering and their competitiveness about who has a better school. Some things just don’t change though. I still had to threaten to put Grady in time out (even though I am 2 miles away in a hospital bad. He shaped up!) In three weeks I will get to see them for a whole week. They have been making me pictures and masterpieces so I have a picture board in my room where they all get hung – even the neighbor kids have added to the Art Museum of Get Well Mommy.

Pic Wall